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AAWGT: Making a difference in our community!

AAC Public Library Foundation

The Family Literacy Center

With an AAWGT grant of $15,000 in 2015, the Anne Arundel County Public Library Foundation has created a Family Literacy Center at the Severn Community Library.  This center will provide a lasting impact on some of our county’s youngest, emerging readers in a fun, vibrant and educational way, as the photos show. 

The Family Literacy Center provides color, shapes, textures, light and space to create an appealing environment for children; attractive and well-organized materials and displays; easy access to materials and learning activities; and is flexible and interactive. The Severn library branch community is already benefiting from the language-rich interactions between young children and parents/caregivers with the intention of building school-readiness skills.

Parents and families are key to the development of children’s literacy. From birth on, the role of family can help to determine a child’s path in this area. The Family Literacy Center was designed to help parents help their children.  It supports the five early literacy practices of reading, playing, singing, writing and talking which are used with children and their caregivers during early literacy programs to help every child attending get ready to read. Early intervention and activities are important, but the role of families in literacy does not end when their child enters school. No matter the literacy level of the parents and families, their interest, involvement, concern and caring make a difference in the literacy skills of their children. 

Of AACPL’s 15 branches, the Severn Community Library, with more than 6,700 active borrowers, serves the largest percentage of families with young children in our county; almost 20% of its customers are included in this group, many of which are military families. With a high number of visits per capita, the Severn branch is an important destination for many in the community to access computers, materials and services. It serves a growing, diverse, military community with many lower-income, working-class families. Due to academic transitions, disruptions, and new family stressors, many military children are faced with an adverse impact on literacy and therefore achievement. 

Severn Library Children's Area

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