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AAWGT: Making a difference in our community!

2016 Grantee: Arundel House of Hope

Family Project 

The goal of the Family Project at Arundel House of Hope is to address systemic issues involved in family homelessness. Many of the issues causing family homelessness are multigenerational. The programs of the Family Project teaches adults, specifically women and children, the skills needed for self-sufficiency that they can use and then pass on to future generations.  They are dedicated to working with families up to two years, helping them develop and practice life skills necessary to become and remain self-sufficient. 

In 2013, the Anne Arundel County Public Schools system reported that 929 of students in our schools were homeless. These students and their families were living in shelters or hotels, doubled up with relatives or friends, or living on the street. Just imagine trying to study and learn under those conditions. Without an adequate education, these children are at risk of continuing a generationally experienced life style of spending their lives underemployed or unemployed and of becoming a challenge to society. As if these statistics weren’t enough, keep in mind the typical homeless sheltered family is comprised of a mother in her late twenties with two children, 42% of which are under the age of six. The average child starts school at the age of 5 or 6 therefore the 929 students mentioned above is not a comprehensive figure and does not take into account the children who are homeless and not of school age.

The photos show two of the homes used to house their clients.  Since applying for an AAWGT grant, they have obtained an additional home, their fourth, and moved in one additional family,  They still have plans to locate, obtain and move in two additional families by the end of the AAWGT grant year, June 30, 2017.  They have also hired a part time instructor for the after-school program.

To measure the success of their project, they look at the progress each family makes in the program. and the progress of each individual, in such areas as parent savings, school attendance, grades, attendance in support groups and life skills workshops.

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