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Tips for Writing Grant Proposals

Program Purpose

  • Describe the need for this program; show you have researched community interest

Program Description

  • Provide an action plan, strategies, timeline
  • Explain how this project fulfills your mission and why your organization is especially qualified to do this
  • Know the guidelines/criteria of the grantor and provide the specific information requested. Use the “who, what, where, when, why, and how” model.
  • Have you done this or a similar program before; do you know anyone who has?
  • How will you know if goals are met? What follow up will be needed after completion? What are your plans for continuing or expanding the program in the future?
  • Do you have public relations/media/outreach capability to promote the activity?
  • Tell the funders what they don’t know about you

Program Participants

  • What has been your success with recruitment for this or other programs; who will do your recruitment?
  • How will you assess retention?

Program Impact

  • Explain how the community is enhanced/impacted by the program

Organizational Capacity

  • Describe what you are doing to keep your organization viable and to provide for community needs
  • Explain how staff, board members, volunteers are engaged and invested
  • Do you have necessary staff on board at this time?
  • If hiring, do you have job description, expected salary, and timeline for person to be ready to work?
  • Be specific about who will do each portion of the program
  • Prepare a realistic time-line with benchmarks; be reasonable

Program Partnerships

  • If a similar program exists, explain how yours is different, how you are collaborating, or what niche you fill
  • If you have weak areas, explain who will partner to support this activity or who will provide technical assistance

Budget information

  • Provide an itemized budget with correct totals
  • Clearly state each cost item (be prepared to provide rationale for each item)
  • Clearly state the use of any funds from partners, other funders, government, in-kind sources
  • Is the expenditure reasonable for the number of people served and outcomes expected?
  • Are all items essential to fulfill the program objectives?
  • If printed materials are needed, are there existing sources, can they be used for multiple efforts, and can they be done electronically?
  • Are staff and line item costs justifiable to outcomes?


Prepared by and shared with permission from AAWGT member Melanie Teems

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