Seeds 4 Success: Student Heath and Wellness Initiative

Seeds 4 Success’ Student Health and Wellness Initiative has expedited healthy habits of youth and families in our program. A series of health videos created by staff and youth illustrate benefits of healthy nutrition, positive hygiene practices, mental health awareness, and increased exercise. Our volunteer committee of health professionals provides further resources through programming sessions and volunteer trainings. Staff and mentors have successfully worked with families in navigating insurance access and use. Mentors together with youth created sets of healthy goals and logged activity toward them, including healthier sleep patterns, physical activity, healthy snacks, and reading. The initiative benefits our mission in that maintaining health is an important part of achieving success in school and life. At the core of this initiative are simple healthy habits such as hand washing which has proven very timely amid COVID-19. We are seeing frequent hand washing, use of sanitizer, and a purposeful effort to keep hands away from faces. Families are identifying primary care physicians and youth are scheduling annual physicals, dentist, and eye doctor visits. Some are opting for the flu and COVID shots. We are thankful for the funding that has helped us promote health and wellness.

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