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key information for grant applicants

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Timeline for the 2022 Grant Cycle

January 3, 2022: Call for Applications released and grant application available online.

January 13, 2022: Our Zoom Grant Applicant Workshop will be held at 9:30 am and repeated at 1:30pm. Registration is available on the AAWGT Website on the Events page.

February 11, 2022: Applications are due at 11:59 pm.

July 1, 2022: Grant year funding begins.

501(c)(3): Your organization must be a 501(c)(3) at the time it applies, after the grant is awarded and for the duration of the funding cycle. Nonprofits can also apply by affiliating with a sponsoring 501(c)(3).  Your organization could also have access to a Group Exemption by virtue of its affiliation with a church.  If so, you will need to provide us with a letter dated this fiscal year from your parent organization that establishes the right of your organization to use the Group Exemption.

Maryland Charity Number: Your organization should be in good standing with the Maryland Secretary of State which means you should have a Charity Number.  See; and inquire early if you are just starting the process.  

Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation: Your organization should be in good standing with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (you will need to provide your number when you complete our application).  See

Financial Statements: All organizations must provide the financial statements requested in the application, including a current Operating Budget, Budget to Actual Income and Expense Statement, and the AAWGT Program Budget.

Our Mission: Your proposal must be responsive to our mission, which seeks to improve the quality of life for women and families in Anne Arundel County. Note our particular interest this year in smaller organizations and those organizations with proposals that prioritize addressing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

In Anne Arundel County: We only fund programs or projects which provide benefits or services to women and/or families located in Anne Arundel County.  

An organization may submit only one application.

Have you applied before?  Funding is limited to two consecutive grant cycles after which the organization becomes ineligible for the following two grant cycles.

Are you applying to continue a current program?  If so, the application will need to show that the current program has demonstrated substantial progress toward success by the application due date February 11, 2022.

  • Demonstrate strong organizational capacity
  • Address a critical need without duplication of services in the relevant community
  • Maximizes the impact of AAWGT funds in the community
  • Comes from organizations which demonstrate support from, or experience working with, the targeted population
  • Demonstrate that the organization has sought to engage in effective collaborations or partnerships that maximize impact where appropriate
  • Demonstrate knowledge of research supporting the proposal including the evaluation of measurable outcomes where appropriate
  • Has a plan that will sustain progress over time
  • Submits a proposal that aligns with our Focus Statement

We do not fund the items listed below:

  • Purchase or lease of vehicles.
  • Housing Development – but we do fund proposals that offer rental and ​foreclosure prevention assistance
  • Capital Improvements
  • Endowments
  • Sponsorships or Fundraising Drives/Events
  • Banquets, Receptions or Conferences – but we DO fund educational training ​necessary to execute a proposal
  • ​Political activities or lobbying
  • Sectarian religious activities
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, ​age, ​religion, disability, or national origin
  • Individual Grants (single beneficiary); note proposals that benefit only a small number of beneficiaries are not favored
  • Careful! If you seek funding for a Do Not Fund item that exceeds 25% of your total grant request your entire application will be denied
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