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AAWGT: Making a difference in our community!

The AAWGT Grants Process

Application to Evaluation to Grantmaking to Follow-Up

A Short Summary

Grantmaking is the heart and soul of Anne Arundel Women Giving Together (AAWGT), and our initial reason for coming together as a group — to pool our money to make the most difference in the lives of women and families in our county.

This process mobilizes the dedication, capabilities and thoughtfulness of many, many women each year, and the committees that they join. These committees include the Grants Committee, the Post-Grants Evaluation Committee and the Grants Systems Committee.

The GRANTS COMMITTEE consists of a Chair and Co-chair, Team Leaders and Reviewers. Each Team Leader will have 4-6 Reviewers on her team and will be assigned to 4-5 Applicant Organizations, depending on the number of applications received that year. Its main task is to evaluate applications for voting by the full membership. Although the focus of the Grants Committee’s work is February through May/June, it is active all year evaluating the current process and polishing the application process for the coming year.

The POST-GRANTS EVALUATION COMMITTEE consists of a Chair and Co-Chair, and Liaisons. Two to three liaisons are assigned to each ongoing grant to provide leadership, oversight, encouragement and structure. The Grantees are required to provide two reports each year (Interim in November and Final in August), which the Post-Grants Evaluation Committee evaluates and then provides its own interpretation and appraisal. This committee sponsors a Grants Showcase in September, at which last year’s grantees highlight the impact of AAWGT’s grant funds. The committee liaisons keep in touch with their grantee counterparts throughout the year.

The GRANTS SYSTEMS COMMITTEE maintains the Foundant grants management system, and works with the Grants and Post-Grants Evaluation Committees to create the templates for the Application, the Follow-Ups, and other necessary reports. The Committee keeps an electronic repository of all grant-related documents and communications. This committee also provides ‘Help Desk’ services to applicants during the application process and to the Grants and Post-Grants Evaluation Committees as requested.


  • In early December, the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County (CFAAC) sends a Request for Proposal (RFP) to all of the 501(c)(3) organizations in Anne Arundel County on our behalf soliciting their interest in applying to AAWGT for a grant, explaining our eligibility requirements, and directing them to our website for detailed information as well to a link to our actual application.
  • In early January, the Grants Committee presents an overview and information session for Applicants, and then the Grants Systems Committee offers a class for Applicants to familiarize them with our on-line Application system (Foundant).
  • Applications are due the last day of January, at which time the Grants Committee and the Grants Systems Committee complete due diligence for all applications (i.e., checking 501(c)(3) status, Maryland Charity #, etc.). Denials may be made at this time; applicants are notified by mail from CFAAC if their application is denied.
  • During the months of February, March and April, the Grants Committee Team Leaders and Reviewers meet with their teams to discuss their assigned applications. In February, the first Grants Committee Team Leader meeting occurs, where each application is reviewed and discussed, and a decision is made to have appropriate site visits, phone calls and email communications. Denials may be made at this time; applicants are notified by mail from CFAAC if their application is denied.
  • In April, the second Grants Committee Team Leader meeting occurs, where the results of site visits, evaluations and other communications are discussed.  Denials may be made at these meetings; applicants are notified by mail from CFAAC if their application is denied. The final applicants that will go forward to the ballot are decided.
  • In May, the final applicants are presented to the general membership for voting. Successful applicants are notified!
  • In June, the grantees are electronically sent a package that includes their Award Letter, our reporting expectations, and a Grant Agreement to be signed.
  • In July, checks are sent out. The Post-Grants Evaluation Committee liaisons get their assignments for the current grantees.  The Final Reports for the Previous Year’s grantees are due from the grantees at the end of the month.
  • In August, the Post-Grants Evaluation Committee Liaison portion of the (July) Final Report is due to the Post-Grants Evaluation Committee Chair/Co Chair.
  • In September, the Post-Grants Evaluation Committee holds a Showcase with current Grantee representatives, and presentations from the previous year’s grantees highlighting their organizations, often with speakers who have directly benefitted from programs that AAWGT has funded.
  • In October, final revisions will be completed for next year’s application by the Grants Committee and the Grants Systems Committee.  Final guidelines for our upcoming grant year are decided.
  • In November, the Post-Grants Evaluation Committee will receive the Interim Reports from the current year’s Grantees.  Liaisons meet with their current Grantees to assess progress and help ensure successful outcomes.
  • And the year begins again…

Photo:  Founders attending 2016 Women & Leadership event “21st Century Philanthropy” 

Shauna Chabot, Betsy Kimrey, Barbara Hoffstein, Sharon Stewart, Pat Barland Brasse, Debbie Daugherty

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