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A women’s giving circle is a group of like-minded individuals who pool their resources to collectively decide where those funds should be distributed. The NonProfit Times reports that giving circles have granted $1.29 billion since their inceptions.

Giving circles are also notable in that they are women-dominated. Of the 706 circles to describe a common gender identity, 640 were led by women. Studies estimate that giving circles have engaged at least 150,000 individuals across the United States. The average number of people per circle is 116, while the median is 50 individuals, and the most common number is 100 members.

Thus, a women’s giving circle multiplies the power of one by many, while educating and engaging women donors.

Research shows that members of giving circles:

  • Give more and give in more strategic ways than other donors
  • Are highly engaged in their communities
  • Give to a greater number of organizations
  • Have an even greater impact in difficult economic times because members pool their donations and are able to make larger grants.

Over $1.7M

AAWGT has awarded $1,700,000 in grants since its founding.


Our Endowment Fund has over $291,000, which contributes to the total grant amount we can award each year.


AAWGT has given support to 52 organizations in our community.


AAWGT awarded $164,305 in grants in 2023.

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AAWGT is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County
AAWGT is a member of Philanos: Accelerating Philanthropy through Women’s Collective Giving

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